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On Electoral Reform

September 20, 2011

One idea that doesn’t get nearly enough attention in this country is electoral reform. Even George Washington had the foresight to warn us against the dangers of powerful political parties, but today our political system is as broken as ever, and it’s largely because of the dramatic widening of the partisan rift between our elected officials. America ought to be fed up with a system that fundamentally fails to address many of our country’s problems.

The bottom line is this: the Democrats and Republicans are bolstering a political duopoly, and our country is footing the bill.

In America we seem to be perpetually watching our two parties bludgeon each other into partisan gridlock, but our politicians apparently refuse to even consider any system that does not give their centralized party systems a monopoly on political power.

I’m tired of being stuck in a political system where I am forced to categorize myself as a Democrat not because I actually associate myself with the Democratic party, but rather because I strongly endorse the ‘lesser of two evils’ hypothesis. Why do we maintain a system that more or less ensures a third party vote is a wasted vote?

I, for one, am ready for a change.


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