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On Content Distribution

February 14, 2012

If the RIAA and MPAA really wanted us to stop pirating, maybe they could make their content distribution systems suck just a little less.

I hate that I have to illegally download music that I’ve already legally purchased on iTunes just so I can play it on my phone.

I hate that I have to illegally download movies that I already own DVDs of because the DVD’s got scratched and I never illegally burned them onto my computer.

The RIAA and MPAA have deliberately made it more inconvenient to acquire their material legally than illegally. We, the customers, should not have to go out of our way for the ‘privilege’ of giving them our money, money that they will spend on a systematic campaign to impinge on our rights. That’s just ridiculous.

If they spent as much time and money creating a new, genuinely convenient content distribution system as they did lobbying for draconian new censorship laws and suing people who illegally acquire their material, maybe the public would consider buying more of their crap.

It’s a completely asinine business model; instead of spending their profits on better serving their customers, they’re spending it to rig the game against the public. They’ve created a system wherein buying their products is the equivalent of bankrolling attacks upon free speech. As a customer, I find this to be both insulting and morally objectionable.

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